Open Scholarship Award Nomination

Please include a short supporting explanation (max 250 words) detailing the candidate’s commitment to open scholarship. Links must be included to any projects, research, or teaching materials outlined in the paragraph. Any supporting evidence that is not openly accessible online without a password will not be considered as evidence of openness.

Candidates will be assessed based on the primary criteria of openness in research and openness in teaching, followed by the secondary criteria of open advocacy and quality of the submission package.

Examples of open scholarship practices:

  • Teaching materials are made openly available
  • Open data is used
  • Data produced is open and available for reuse
  • Open access publishing
  • Openness in sharing research outputs
  • Students are encouraged to share their work online
  • Open educational resources are incorporated in coursework
  • Involvement in Open Government initiatives
  • Creation and/or use of open source software
  • Use of Creative Commons licenses
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