Open Access Week 2014

Join us to celebrate Open Access Week at the University of Ottawa!

From October 19th to 23rd, 2020 we will engage with this year's theme

"Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion"


Take action!

Whether you only have 10 minutes or half an hour there is something you can do every day to build awareness of issues of equity and inclusion in open access and scholarly publishing. We’ve gathered some great reads, videos and podcasts for you for each day this week so jump in!

If your interest has been piqued, we’ve also got some deep dives of an hour or more on topics ranging from accessibility, to information privilege, to ideas on research excellence and what it means from the global south.

As you engage with these themes, we’ve also proposed some concrete actions you can take, or you can do something meaningful to you. Let us know on Twitter what action you’ve taken by tagging @uOttawaBiblio and #OAWeek!


DAY 1 : Learn more about open access


10 minutes: Research Culture is Broken; Open Science can Fix It | @rachaelevelyn

30 minutes: Science ouverte et recherche en santé mondiale | @ScienceBienComm

60 minutes+: Paywall: The Business of Scholarship | @jason_schmitt


10 minutes: Podcast: Open access: opportunities and challenges | @KristenRatan

30 minutes: LawBytes Podcast with Michael Geist. Episode 28: The Past, Present and Future of Open Access - A Conversation with Leslie Chan | @mgeist @lesliekwchan


10 minutes: Power and the paywall: A Black feminist reflection on the socio-spatial formations of publishing | @spacedemands

30 minutes: Libre accès aux savoirs et accès ouvert aux publications@jvalluy

30 minutes: Imagining the “open” university: Sharing scholarship to improve research and education | @emckiernan13


Deposit your work in uO Research, the University of Ottawa's digital repository for research and teaching materials.


DAY 2: Explore questions of inclusion and diversity in Open Access and publishing


10 minutes: Open & Collaborative Science Manifesto | @OCSDNet

10 minutes: Une Autre Science est possible | @justinahinon1

30 minutes: Panel Discussion on Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Open Research and Open Education |   @denalbz @sikob @Mboathomas @tararobertson

60 minutes+: For the Greater (Not) Good (Enough): Open Access and Information Privilege@charbooth


10 minutes: Podcast: Open Science Talk Episode #22 Publishing in the Global South@dzirihorr @ErikLieungh


10 minutes: Open Access and Global Inclusion: A Look at Cuba@lizdj @mo_musing @silvia_cho

10 minutes: Le libre accès vu d’Afrique francophone subsaharienne@ScienceBienComm et al.

30 minutes: Open Science Beyond Open Access: For and with communities, A step towards the decolonization of knowledge@lesliekwchan et al.

30 minutes: La science ouverte au-delà du libre accès : Pour et avec les communautés. Un pas vers la décolonisation des savoirs@lesliekwchan et al.

60 minutes+: Contextualizing Openness: Situating Open Science@lesliekwchan et al.


Follow social movements on Twitter & share the ones you find important. Some suggested hashtags:









DAY 3: Explore questions of inclusion and diversity in Open Access and publishing


10 minutes: Ce que le libre accès m’a fait découvrirProjet SOHA @OCSDNet

10 minutes: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Open Research and Education@tararobertson

30 minutes: Automating Knowledge Inequality | @lesliekwchan

60 minutes+: Open for Whom? Equity for Open Knowledge@AfLIACon @leenyahodza


10 minutes: Podcast: Open Science Talk Episode #24 Open Access in Latin-America@ariannabec @ErikLieungh


10 minutes: Qui sait? Le libre accès en Afrique et en Haïti@ScienceBienComm

10 minutes: Labour of Love: An Open Access Manifesto for Freedom, Integrity, and Creativity in the Humanities and Interpretive Social Sciences | Andrea Pia @journalofpolit1 et al.

10 minutes: Opening Up the Margins | @AprilHathcock

30 minutes: Evaluating equity in scholarly publishing | @WEsurvey et al

60 minutes+: Transforming Research Excellence: New Ideas from the Global South | Erika Kraemer-Mbula et al. @Afrinnovation


Endorse the Jussieu Call for Open Science and Bibliodiversity | @JussieuCall


DAY 4: Access begins with accessibility


10 minutes: How to create an accessible word document@RSA_NCRTM

10 minutes: Accessibilite - rendre un document accessible 

10 minutes: Vérifier l’accessibilité d’un document Word 

60 minutes+: Publishing, accessibility, W3C standards – where are we and how did we get here? | @accessibledaisy


60 minutes: Against the Grain Podcast. Stephanie Rosen Interview: "Accessibility and Publishing" | Stephanie Rosen @MatthewIsmail


10 minutes: Designing for better accessibility in open access scholarly publishing | @DOAJplus

30 minutes: Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education | @JayDolmage

60 minutes+: Creating Accessible Content: A Guide for Journal Editors and Authors | @pkp

60 minutes+: Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition | @BCcampus

60 minutes+: CB Trousse d’outils d’accessibilité pour les manuels scolaires ouverts@BCcampus


Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible to people with disabilities


DAY 5: Equity & inclusion in the research enterprise


10 minutes: Introduction à la gestion des données de recherche |  @bibUdeM

10 minutes: Open Science | @siminevazire

30 minutes: Good Metadata + Metrics Literacy = Better Academia | @stefhaustein

60 minutes: Science ouverte et pandémie : ce que la situation actuelle nous révèle | @lariviev

60 minutes: (Some) Research Data Management Best Practices! | @portageCARLABRC


10 minutes: CARE principles for indigenous data governance | @GidaGlobal

10 minutes: The intersections between DORA, open scholarship, and equity | @DORAssessment

10 minutes: Research Evaluation’s Gender Problem – and Some Suggestions for Fixing It | @skonkiel

30 minutes: Gender and international diversity improves equity in peer review | @dakotasmurray et al.


Endorse the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) | @DORAssessment

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